Here are some common questions about Let Me Wait™

How does line sitting work? I’ve never used this type of service before?

Call, text, or email us with your request and decide on the number of hours you would like us to wait. Pay the full amount for any service less than six hours. For services eight hours and above a 50% deposit will be required at the time of purchase. We’ll post the job to our team of line sitters. When one accepts, they will call or text you to confirm and review order (usually within an hour). Upon arrival, they will send you a text, along with a picture and your approximate place in line. Call or text them when you’re close. Arrive, then pay them the 60% balance. (Gratuities, graciously accepted!)

How do you deal with other angry customers?

While we are in line, we explain our service to those around us, so they know to expect you. There are no surprises and everyone is informed.

Do you hold spaces for more than one person?

No, that is strictly forbidden. It is a 1:1 ratio. One line sitter per person. If more than one person arrives, we do not relinquish the spot and your deposit is forfeited. Remember, we have already told the people behind us, who is coming! If there are 2 sitters, then only two people should be arriving to swap. Please don’t have them come after you’ve swapped. It is considered stealing services (it’s like getting gas or leaving a restaurant without paying) and we can pursue either the CRIMINAL or CIVIL route. It’s not worth it. We’re not responsible if those behind you, complain and get you ejected from the line.

What is your minimum order quantity?

2 Hours

Is this legal?

We are a recognized legitimate Limited Liability Company with the State of Georgia and we also have a Federal Tax ID. Our service is no different than having your husband or wife wait for you, except you pay us!

Who are your line sitters?

College Students, Friends, Family Members ETC… Others are current and former employees of other larger companies who provided similar tasking/courier services.

Can I request a specific line sitter that I’ve worked with previously?

Yes! That’s actually strongly recommended! Just be sure to tell us when booking!

Is my deposit refundable, if I change my mind or don’t get my item?

You can receive a full refund of the deposit prior to 8 HOURS of your requested start time. There are no refunds as a result of product unavailability, store/event closure, or other unforeseen circumstances. As a rule, we don’t make recommendations on how long to wait or comment on existing bookings. We can, however, provide past info to help you make an informed decision. We strongly suggest checking out blogs, word of mouth and social media to get an idea of demand.

Are you hiring in Atlanta and other cities?

YES! We are currently based in Atlanta but are expanding. Interested parties should email a resume to [email protected] with the city you live in the Subject line.

Are your Line Sitters trained?

YES, most of them have retail customer service experience and have dealt with customers in some sort of customer service capacity. They are trained on soft skills and on our four emblems of the company, including Customer Service, Focus, Timeliness and Patience.

Do you guys speak Spanish?

Si Hablamos español.

Payment Options

We accept Paypal for all online payments. If you prefer, we gladly accept Cash App payments at $hiphopucit

Do Line Sitters Accept Tips?

Yes, tips are welcomed but not expected 🙂

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